At Technicrete, we partner with our clients to proactively achieve sustainable growth, seize opportunities, and manage risk, enhancing their competitiveness in the market. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to empower businesses to navigate challenges effectively, achieve business objectives, and optimise their operations for long term success.

Key services:

– Create and implement business processes to instil confidence in data accuracy and reliability.

– Manage variables and processes, analyse performance, and implement changes within clients required timeline.

– Product performance management, ensuring quality control in concrete and construction projects.

– Specification review and development.

– Mix design, mix management, and submissions.


Tender Review

– Develop a detailed understanding of specified requirements.

– Identify, document, and communicate challenges, considerations and concerns.

– Isolate non-conforming requirements and determine a resolution for acceptance.

– Interpret and recommend cost effective complying and alternate solutions and products.

– Tender and project submissions.

Owner or specifier:

– Review and quantify opportunities, such as low carbon solutions, and develop detailed specifications.

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